The Partisans cemetery

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About the project

The first graves for the soldiers and partisans buried in the near surroundings of Priekopa and Vrutky began to arise from April 1945. Primarily were here buried only the soldiers and partisans found on the cadastral area of Priekopa and near by the present memorial cemetery by reason of immediate local cemetery for public. Other soldiers and partisans were here ceremonially buried on June 24 of 1945. To 1974 the cemetery was extended by the other delivered human remains of insurgents, partisans and soldiers from the surroundings of Martin, Priekopa, Vrutky and Polom.


The urban project was designed by Ing. architect Jaroslav Krelina and Ing. architect J. Borkovec. The author of relief and monument sculpture created in 1951 is Frano Stefunko in the cooperation with Ladislav Snopek and architect Jan Svetlik. The urban arrangement came out from the terrain giveness and architecture of military cemeteries. The project and realization of park form was performed by the citizen of Priekopa – Mr. Vladimir Mamatej.





Projekt spolufinancovali Oblastná organizácia cestovného ruchu Turiec-Kremnicko a Regionálna rozvojová agentúra Turiec v rámci podpory vojnového turizmu. Zároveň je spomienkou na jeho zakladateľa a autora Ing. Gabriela Hulmana, PhD., člena Slovenského zväzu protifašistických bojovníkov v Martine. Česť jeho pamiatke.






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