The Partisans cemetery

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The list of relics

1. The multi-figural relief entitled as „Legend about work and fight“situated at the hillside and is his main dominating factor.

Monument 1

Author: Frano Stefunko

„Legend about work and fight“ is national cultural relic nominated in 1983. The relief Legend about work and fight was created in years of 1951-1953. Together with the statue of partisan is situated at the soldier´s cemetery where 747 of soldiers and partisans fallen in the Slovak National Uprising are buried. The cemetery with statue and relief are situated by national road Zilina – Poprad.

2. The statue of soldier entitled „Attendant of Slovak National Uprising´s heritage“ and symbolically „Attendant of sacred places“ too.

Monument 2

„Attendant of Slovak National Uprising´s heritage“ is national cultural relic nominated in 1963. The monument of Fallen, the statue of Partisan was embedded in 1954. Is situated by the national road Zilina – Poprad.

3. The monument in a form of column entitled as „Adjuration of Fallen“..

Monument 3

4. The formal part is closed by the ascending area with the horizontal reverent act

Monument 4

with flying of flags..

5. The memorial block

Monument 5


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